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A little about us!


Scholar Program

Are you interested in becoming a scholar? All the information you need is here and more. Read about the process and start the application when you are ready.

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Core Team

Everything we do wouldn't be possible without the having a great team. Here we highlight some of the people that make all this possible.

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Upcoming Events

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Are scholarship available?

We always have space open but the spaces get filled really quick. We would recommend everyone to join the discord channel for updates.

Mobile Friendly

All splits are dependent on experience and teams but you can find all the information here. Any additional details can be talked if you are selected for the program.

How many scholars you have?

The program is small we only have 10 people but we are looking to add more in the upcoming months. We had a hard time with gas fees but we have it taken care so we are ready to go.

How are giveaways pay out?

Depending on the giveaway we send the money directly to a ronin wallet. We have made payouts through paypal and gcash but that is not the norm.

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